What is unique about us is that we are reinventing 3D printing in a sustainable way, enabling manufacturers to utilize and monetize their waste material (sawdust) and 3D print any kind of wooden objects out of it. This innovation enables designers, wood and furniture industries produce wooden objects faster and easier, saving costs, resources and the environment.

When talking about the 3D printing industry then at the moment there is no sustainable 3D printing material on the market. There are wood-plastic composite filaments that contain 30-40% of wood and 60% of plastic, which means that the final product has all the properties of plastic and is not biodegradable. There is also “bioplastic” – PLA, that is derived from corn-starch, but it still has huge negative effects on the environment. Our material consists mostly of leftover wood and non-toxic binders, which makes it 100% sustainable and harmless to the environment.

What is unique about us is that we are using left-over material (sawdust) that at the moment is seen as a low value resource. This means that we are not only making 3D printing out of wood possible, but we are also giving waste a new life. This is made possible by combining the benefits of innovative technology (3D printing) and effective use of resources (concept of circular economy).

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