Value Proposition

3CULAR helps wood processing companies turn their leftover sawdust into new products and generate extra revenue streams.

We help our clients:

  • Valorize their waste material multiple times higher
  • Diversify & customize products
  • Reach new market segments
  • Create extra revenue streams
  • Build an innovative & responsible brand image
  • Save time, costs & resources

Competitive advantages

Compared to CNC

  • Lower costs (the CNC machine itself can cost up to 150 000€)
  • Design freedom (complex shapes & structures – can’t be done with CNC)
  • Efficient use of material (with CNC material loss can be up to 60%)

Compared to crafting

  • Speed of manufacturing (crafting complex shapes can take weeks and even months)
  • Less handwork = lower costs (crafting is very expensive)
  • Design freedom (complex shapes & structures – some structures can’t be even done by hand)
  • Efficient use of material
  • Can be combined with 3D printing


  • Lighter parts, better ergonomics
  • Shorter supply chain
  • Meet demand in real-time
  • Easy to produce spare parts & use in restoration
  • Customization
  • Lower carbon footprint
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